Sunday, April 5, 2009

Okay, Let's Get it Started

Last year I set a goal to knit a dishcloth every Sunday of the year. I made it until about May when I lost my interest in knitting (and everything else) for a few months, But now it's back. I'm trying for every Sunday, but sometimes things get in the way. Like the dislocated finger. The important thing it to make it to 52 before the end of the year.

So here goes:
Here are nine dishcloths I cranked out in one week because I wanted to get ahead of the game. And besides don't we all need a quick project or two or three once in awhile?

And here are three more that were for a hostess gift for a party I went to in March. There were four--I need to check the camera to find out where that other one went.

Okay, I know what happened--it's the same as the brown/cream diamond one, but with the colors reversed.

And for today, April 5, 2009:
Daisy Ombre on the cone. The pattern is Kitchen Cotton Dishcloth.

And this was last week's (March 29). Squidge

Daisy Ombre on the cone.

Happy Dishcloth Knitting!


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